Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

Adventure is the identity of the youth and youth is the face of India! Adventure activities are, thus, always on a high-demand in the country. Having been blessed with nature's bounty, India can successfully siege to all the demands of these adrenaline junkies seeking that quick rush of blood! If you are one of such type and are open to every kind of adventure, today I will brief you about the various adventure activities that you could try your hands on!. And hereTigers Adventure is the best example for Adventure Based camps , tours and Adventure Activities like Flying fox, Trekkingand climbing , Burma Bridge , Jummering , Zorbing Ball and many more activities for all age groups..!!!

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Flying fox : The Flying Fox is an exhilarating adventure sport. The adventure lets enthusiasts enjoy gravity and the full speed of air flow as you fly like a hawk in your secure harness. The views are more than awe-inspiring as you fly at top speed over the mountain range of Himalayas and the holy river.

Trekking : An exhilarating and rewarding challenge, trekking and climbing actively involves all students, where self-confidence, co-operation, trust and teamwork develop. A range of skills are nurtured to ensure everyone achieves their potential.

Burma bridge : A Burma Bridge is usually constructed over a ditch, pond or a gorge, reasonably above the ground.It has three ropes set in a triangular fashion –a bottom foot rope (or cable) on which you walk and two ropes that serve as a 'railing' held by your hands. The bridge swings slightly making it a challenge to balance, as you walk.

Street paly and fun : When street games are based on organized sports the rules are usually highly modified to fit the situation, i.e. manhole covers for bases with cars or buildings for foul lines in stickball. When balls are used in street games, spaldeens are often used. Includes differnet outdoor games, dance and fun.

Zorbing ball : zorbing is a thrilling game and is sure to leave you wanting for more. Zorbing is an adventure sport that involves you rolling round in a transparent plastic ball.Zorbing is perfectly safe and there are plenty of operatives around to ensure that your rolling remains worry-free and smooth.

Jummering : Jummering is a technique to climb up steep slopes and cliffs in quick time using a device called as Jummar. This device is a very unique one which when attached to a rope moves only in one direction.

Jungle cooking : Take this alternative cooking experience and learn to cook wild food that's grown in the jungle! Cook in an outdoor setting and try new and unusual dishes to excite your palette.

Swmming : Swimming is a great recreational activity for people of all ages. Recreational swimming can provide you with a low-impact workout and it's also a good way to relax and feel good. Common swimming styles in recreational swimming are breaststroke, backstroke, side stroke and freestyle.

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